Bryan McAnulty

Founder and Product Director at Velora. A designer, developer, musician, entrepreneur and world traveler. Always improving.

About Bryan McAnulty

Bryan McAnulty, the founder and product director of Heights Platform and Velora, is an accomplished entrepreneur, designer, and developer. He is also a world traveler and musician.

Bryan mastered graphic design programs by age 8. His early start led to a freelance design career at just 13, paving the way for the founding of Velora in 2009, a digital product design and development studio.

Through Velora, Bryan has developed products and websites used by millions worldwide. A notable recent development is Heights AI Coach, the first autonomous AI coach to help entrepreneurs grow online knowledge businesses.

Building a remote team since 2009, Bryan champions the concept of remote work.

Bryan began traveling the world before turning 21 and was one of the first to embrace the concept which has become known as "digital nomad", and he has traveled to more than 30 countries and 100+ cities, meeting countless entrepreneurs along the way.

In 2010, he pioneered the first video podcast and TV series that would travel globally to interview creative entrepreneurs in 11 countries and 15 cities. Airing on Smart TVs across Europe until 2015, it featured prominent guests and companies like Bryan Cranston, Adobe, RKS Design, Wacom, and more.

Since 2021, Bryan has hosted The Creator's Adventure podcast, interviewing some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs and creators around the world.

Currently, Bryan continues to lead and grow Heights Platform, which helps thousands of creators in more than 100 countries earn a living through online knowledge businesses. He also provides consulting and mentoring to companies and startups launching their own digital products.

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