Bryan McAnulty

Founder and Product Director at Velora. A designer, developer, musician, entrepreneur and world traveler. Always improving.

About Bryan McAnulty

Bryan McAnulty is an entrepreneur, designer, developer, world traveler and musician.

Mastering design programs by the time he was 8 years old, Bryan started working as a freelance designer at 13, and later founded Velora, a digital product design and development studio at the start of 2009.

In 2010 he started BrightLounge, the first video podcast and TV series that would go around the world to film interviews with creative entrepreneurs in 11 countries and 15 cities. The show was available on demand on Smart TV's across Europe until 2015, and has featured well known guests and companies like Bryan Cranston, Adobe, Frog Design, RKS Design, Wacom and more.

Bryan quickly showed a strong affinity for the efficiency and freedom that remote working would provide his team who was spread across the US, Europe and Asia. Even though his team works from different corners of the globe, Bryan has met and worked with them in person, even meeting some of them in multiple countries as many of his team enjoy traveling as well.

The term “digital nomad” has gained popularity recently, as more people learn about the idea of being able to live around the world while making a living. Bryan was one of the pioneers to embrace this concept over 6 years ago when he began traveling the world before turning 21, and he has since traveled hundreds of thousands of miles living around the world.

Currently, Bryan builds and supports a suite of digital products and web applications that Velora has produced for themselves and their clients. He also provides consulting and mentoring to companies and startups launching their own digital products.

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